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A top dining destination

  • We believe that food has power and connects us all.

  • We believe that a strong restaurant community creates a healthy, thriving and vibrant local industry.

  • We believe that chefs are some of the most passionate and caring people in the world.

WE Believe

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We are a community of industry professionals working together to strengthen, support and promote the Orange County, California Restaurant landscape. Our mission is to promote and market the Orange County restaurant industry as a whole, spotlighting Orange County's incredible talent as a premier dining destination, while building the community and culinary family.


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Showcasing Orange County's vast and diverse culinary talent is what we aim for. What better way to do that than through a well executed event. The OCRA produces, creates and customizes culinary events.  A fantastic experience is the most treasured commodity, and our team of professionals excels at the details needed to produce a high-quality and enjoyable event that benefits both the chefs, culinary industry at large and locals to enjoy.

Chefs in orange county

Orange County is home to some of the brightest and most talented chefs in the world. The OCRA community showcases our talented chefs so they are recognized both nationally and globally. Orange County is perfectly positioned in the center of Los Angeles and San Diego. 

what we do

The OCRA is a restaurant resource for many things. We are a collaborative association with more than 100 years of collective experience. We are 700 members strong and together we strengthen and build through experiential marketing, community events and industry only events. 

Welcome to the OC Restaurant Association Serving Orange County Restaurants
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