Make Outdoor Dining a Destination

at Your Restaurant
It’s the Holiday season a time when restaurants are typically very busy. It’s time to get creative with your outdoor space. Restaurants have redefined winterizing their spaces and transforming the outdoor dining space with heaters, Holiday décor, warm menu items and more. 

Make It Warm
Patio Heaters - Heating elements are necessary to make your patio operational during cold winter months.
Outdoor Fireplace - Fireplaces add a warm and inviting ambiance.
Candles – They don’t provide much heat, but they are warm and inviting, they also add a lot to create a welcoming space.

Make It Comfortable
Entice your guests to join you by making your patio space comfortable and relaxing. Add rugs and lighting.

Make It an Experience
Your outdoor space should provide a different experience that guests will seek out.

Add Music - Try hiring musicians or themed music. Many restaurants have added easy wireless speakers and play lively or festive music.  
Add Lighting – Lighting can help you create an atmosphere. Holiday lights and candles are always an inviting vibe.


Links to products that may help create your outdoor space.


It’s Time to Get Creative with Outdoor Dining and Takeout

1. Create an experience where guests can come and enjoy festive and warms drinks and appetizers in your cozied up outdoor space.  Provide a family meal takeout menu, so guests can order takeout, but enjoy the appetizers and festive drinks before they pick-up their order. This saves on third party delivery costs, creates an experience and supports the restaurants.

2. Takeout can be strong. People are exhausted with COVID and many are over the excitement of baking sourdough bread and meals at home.  The restaurants we speak to with great takeout success are offering family meals. Create a menu that allows people to pick up full meals, include wine and/or cocktails. Offer something special if they pick-up the order and save on third party delivery costs. Offer cookies or a free appetizer to those that pick-up. Type your paragraph here.

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