“Located in the center of Orange County, Irvine is a convenient gateway to a true Southern California vacation. Visitors can enjoy miles of hiking and biking trails, golf, shopping, culture, diverse dining, activities and the city’s close proximity to the area’s popular beaches and attractions.”  See More

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With copious amounts of sunshine, flourishing natural vegetation, and beautiful natural scenery, Orange County is an undisputed haven.  So it should stand to reason that the soul who enjoys getting out and about will have plenty of glorious options to choose from in and around the OC.  

Orange County offers 42 miles of world-class beaches, coves, natural bays, and wetlands. You do not need to make your way to the coast to appreciate the beauty of Orange County. For example, there are a host of exemplary parks dotted throughout the OC for fans of the outdoors to take in, from the ever-expanding OC Great Park to the centrally located Mile Square Park.  The OC’s adjacency to the Santa Ana Mountains enables it to boast a vast network of rugged, twisting hiking trails that allow outdoor enthusiasts to take in the sights of indigenous plant and canyon wildlife, as well as the occasional waterfall and artifacts left from the days when miners roamed the canyons in search of silver. 

Orange County also boasts an ample amount of lakes for anglers seeking to head out and literally catch a meal; a vast network of 45 fishing holes highlighted by the massive canyon-hugging expanse of Irvine Lake.  Extreme sport enthusiasts can grab their boards and head out to one of several skate parks that are spread out throughout the county, such as Etnies Skate Park in Lake Forest.  And Orange County is conveniently located less than two hours away from of some of Southern California’s most popular ski and snowboard resorts, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who like to play in wintry landscapes without having to deal all of the day-to-day perils that such weather is known to bring.

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